Our world is an unimaginable large store of locked up potential. Almost every object contains more data and functionality ('kunnis') than is currently accessible to others. Whether the object is a state, a building, a human or a brick. Add for instance a processor, some memory and a network connection to a paving stone and it could tell you the average rainfall over the past decade, where it was built, who put it there, or which famous persons stepped on it. But it could also do some math for you, provide you with an internet connection, or store some information for you. As of yet the overwhelming majority of the kunnis of the world is still untapped. Imagine a world where the kunnis of every object is made easily and safely accessible. Where these objects autonomously manage themselves without the danger of spinning out of control. A world that has built-in prevention mechanisms for pitfalls of the past such as power centralization. In short, a richer, fairer and more comfortable world that will improve our lives.

Media2B is building that world by running contributing software companies.


The Kunnis Manifesto declares our intentions and values.


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